Google November 2021 Core Update

What Site Owners Should Know About GOOGLE Core Updates

What does the new update mean for SEO professionals and website owners? What happens to your projects against the background of the update?

The new update is primarily aimed at the “usefulness” of the site from the users’ point of view. This implies the presence of the most useful and up-to-date content on the site, and also includes numerous usability indicators.

For example, the page “About Us” on the company’s website should contain a lot of detailed information about the company, such as its founders, management and team, history, etc. This will indicate the “reliability” of the company and, consequently, the website itself would prove to be more reliable. It is not enough to say “we are a good company” – you need to provide factual information about the company, add reviews of real people, and build credibility further.

The improvements that are required to your site today, are:


  1. Improve “About Us” pages
  2. Drastically improve content quality
  3. Hire expert reviewers
  4. Update facts and figures
  5. Implement better sourcing
  6. Replace claims with evidence
  7. Delete underperforming/confusing content. De-index old articles (archive)
  8. Consolidate content
  9. Bring in transparency with users, by adding real people, real feedback, real cases
By Rita Rosen, founder of the ROSEN digital marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. +971 55 350 1591 WhatsApp

Google official representatives brought in comparison the latest update with the rating of films. An example from Google: the annual ranking of the best films differs from year to year only because in subsequent years there were films better than previous years. There is a nuance here: everything is fine with your site – it has only dropped down in the ranking because someone created a better website. I would add that Google here acts as the famous Film Academy, which continuously evaluates websites and keeps an endless rating.

My agency provides high-quality content writing specialists who deeply know the business and the industry they write about – therefore, the performance of most of our clients in the ranking has improved.

Although Google employees say that there is no specific algorithm, their conversations are reminiscent of crisis management, when they are trying to put out a fire with the words “everything is in order”. Nevertheless, thanks to previous updates, there is a very serious algorithm, due to which some site owners overnight have dropped significantly in the rankings for no obvious reason.

Today, more than ever, it is important to provide the “best user experience” for your website to improve your rankings – this strategy is preferable comparing to improving algorithms and technical performance – this is the advice we hear from Google and SEO agencies. However, this is not all that website owners would need to do in order to be successful.

The owner of a large e-commerce site turned to us for advice – his site sank heavily overnight in all respects. Recommendations from Google – wait, everything will work out. The algorithm should stabilize. Unfortunately, it is difficult to explain to store owners when they are losing customers. In this case, it is necessary to look for alternative ways to attract buyers, at least temporarily. I would advise for e-commerce shops, that they would not rely exclusively on SEO, but gain 2-3 additional channels for leads generation.

The website today is primarily a resource for your users. Your website should have user-centered content and provide benefit

By Rita Rosen, founder of the ROSEN digital marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. +971 55 350 1591 WhatsApp

Which niches are most responsive to the new update? What is the reason for this?

The update is now in full swing and therefore it is too early to draw conclusions. Obviously, November was chosen for the update as the month when most people (but not SEO specialists and not the owners of e-commerce websites) will delve into the festive chores, and it will be possible to test the update. However, Google has published a detailed guide for e-commerce. Therefore, it will be difficult for them. Ultimately, the update is targeting all industries.

According to Google representatives, there is no need to take any action. At least for now. Relax on the holidays, they kindly advise. I would say – on the contrary, the first thing to do is find an expert in the field in which your website is. A specialist (or a group of specialists) must understand in detail the subject of the website and write unique content that will be highly appreciated by the target audience.

Next, improve everything: navigation, sections and even the system. “If Google hinted at” best movie, “then best movie isn’t just content, it has effects, drama, climax and requires talent. In a world where anyone can create a website, really talented pieces will now take the top spot! Everyone else are most welcome to Google Ads (PPC, etc).

There is another “side” effect that not many people talk about. Content quality – which became the cornerstone of the latest update, implies the “truthfulness” of the information. For example, if a website about healthy eating writes that smoking is good for health, then it will be greatly lowered in the ranking. Checking websites is carried out, among other things, by employees who monitor what kind of useful information is really useful for humanity.

What changes and updates webmasters, marketing managers and websites owners need to perform in order to be ranked better or even get to the TOP results for high-frequency queries?

First of all,

  1. Apply Google’sA.T. concept which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. The concept comes from Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines
  2. Continuously monitor changes in search intent to ensure your pages are eligible to rank
  3. Leverage the latest Google features, such as FAQ Schema, Web Stories, and optimizing for Google Discover
  4. The biggest sites can get away with breaking the rules, but that does not mean you should copy them.

A few words about the search intent. Sometimes Google may decide to change its idea on the intent of a search query, and consequently they also change the websites they deem relevant. The biggest example, COVID-19 pandemic. Search behavior rapidly changed, which have impacted rankings. Some products and services were no longer needed, and others became of an extreme demand.

What about the content? Do you still need to do something useful and deep, or is it already possible to relax?

As for the content, it is necessary to strengthen the team, and not only copywriters, but also experts, businessmen who are ready to share unique information. Next, the information needs to be protected – this is your currency. Watch out for plagiarism, as copied content downgrades the original author’s pages as well.


Is it possible to develop a universal algorithm for preparing for Google core updates in order to minimize their negative impact in advance?

It is impossible to develop an algorithm, just as it is impossible to create an algorithm for creating a masterpiece. Remember projects where machines wrote music? There are certain trends and laws, but if you compare with the art world, you can draw an analogy with the artists who created masterpieces. Apparently, Google has decided to take the art of building websites to the next level, where there is no limit to quality improvement.

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