About Us

About Us

Rosen Digital Marketing Agency is Dubai based professional team, with practical experience of over 15 years.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, analytical skills, experience, creativity and  innovative ideas, we provide a full range of digital, marketing, events and business development  services.

Our unique style of work is:

  • walking in our client’s shoes,
  • thinking proactively,
  • adding value, and
  • building strong bonds with our clients.

Our pricing coupled with the technology we implement, gives us unbeatable  advantage and puts ahead of competition.

Our services include: complex marketing strategy development, brand  positioning, reputation building, marketing activities, online campaigns  management, digital and websites development in ME and  internationally.

Being passionate about integrating analytical and creative aspects of  marketing mix, we bring forth breakthrough results, brand capitalisation  and positive growth in revenue for our clients.

We create tailored ROI based campaigns, align marketing plans with  business objectives, map out perfect frameworks to guide customer  communications to meet clients’ business goals and uplift reputation.

We build consistent, authentic brand positioning to leverage  client’s business on the market and set aside from competition.

By Rita Rosen, founder of the ROSEN digital marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. www.2rosen.com +971 55 350 1591 WhatsApp

Every marketing activity should start with a strategy and we did so for the every company we were working with. During 15 years of practical experience, our team had always put strategy at the cornerstone, we added value at the every step of the process and created impact for business.

Marketing strategy that brings clarity, focus  and direction is number one service which is in huge demand amongst businesses in Dubai.

In addition to strategy development, we  also deploy systems, techniques and resources that will ensure delivery of the strategy by client’s team. We provide trainings as added value.

From marketing strategy development to its implementation – we do it all, devotedly putting all our experience, hard work and team knowledge.

We know every practical marketing aspect and how to  add value to your operations. Starting from developing unique marketing mix tailored to your specific business needs to creating standalone innovative business projects.

We combine offline and online techniques, add  creativity, technology solutions, wow-effect to create  long lasting experiences.

We attract best solutions providers on the market and  guarantee high quality of everything that we deliver –  from a dot on a website to massive campaign, we  strive for quality in everything we do.

We have a unique story with each client,  because every client is unique

By Rita Rosen, founder of the ROSEN digital marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. www.2rosen.com +971 55 350 1591 WhatsApp

Let us know your specific needs and we will provide professional consultation.

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